Candy Lover's Dream


Why choose when you can have it all? Enjoy a bit of everything with this collection of Sugarjoy favourites!

Includes a Sweet and Sour four-type Box, a Candy Box Duo, two Candy Cubes, two 4 oz candy bags and a Sugarjoy candle.

Sweet and Sour 4-type box contains: Sour Peach Lips, Sour Watermelon, Sugar Coated Strawberry, Mini Banana Caramel

Candy Box Duo contains: Sour Watermelon and Sour Peach Lips

Candy Cube Flavours: Sour Bubble Gum Roll and Cherry & Vanilla Ice Cream Cones

Candy Bag Flavours: Mini Banana Caramel and Rainbow Roll

Candle Scent: Sour Watermelon or Sour Peach Lips (based on current inventory - may not include candle scent pictured)

"sweet day" or "thinking of you" postcard included with your order. Please specify in notes which card you wish to include.

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